RCRA Training Course

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, known as RCRA, is not a part of any of the following: OSHA, CERCLA, DOT or SARA Title III.  However, each of these agencies and regulations affects Generators of hazardous waste and will therefore be explained and distinguished from the RCRA requirements.  For instance, a commonly asked question is:  “If  I’ve had the OSHA HAZMAT course, do I need this training?”   Even though some of the training required by each regulation is similar to that required by the others, there are many dissimilarities, and completion of one does not satisfy the training requirement of the other.

Also, completion of the RCRA course is not a one time event.  An annual review of the training (which includes all regulatory updates) is required of all who must be trained.

Emergency Coordinator Training Requirement

Under RCRA regulations, at least one employee from any facility (other than a conditionally exempt small quantity generator) that generates hazardous waste must be capable of directing an emergency response.  I will  teach you these procedures.  For each regulated waste generation site, at least one employee with this knowledge must be on site or on call at all times to respond to emergency situations.